Rick Sayegh MD, MBA Interview

Certified Physician & Healthcare Executive in USA

Rick Sayegh MD, MBA Interview

Q1: Health Care Artificial Intelligence industry has grown tremendously in last few years. What really inspired you to enter in this field?

Ans: What really inspired me to get involved with digital Health like artificial intelligence and machine learning was that I wanted to automate a lot of the processes that can improve Healthcare outcomes improve safety for patients cost increase quality I feel that in my career I have made a big difference close clinically.

Q2: In your entire career, what do you believe to be the game changer step which helped you in reaching this edge in Healthcare Transformation?

Ans: I believe the game changing step in my career was attending my MBA specializing in population health and Healthcare informatics that helps me too see Healthcare in a different light not just one patient at a time but more importantly impacting an entire population

Q3: You have worked in New York University School of Medicine as a Clinical Associate Professor focusing on mentoring and toughing graduate students through clinical instruction. What do you think is the biggest obstacle faced on that job?

Ans: I think the biggest obstacle that they have to face is time and time management positions are expected to see an enormous amount of patience and have a lot of responsibility because there is a shortage and doctors aren’t compensated the way they should be so they are trying to maximize volume while the care is suffering

Q4:You have been working in the field for a long time. Which personalities have inspired you? Who do you think are the shining stars in the community?

Ans: I believe the shining stars in my community are all the First Responders, policemen firemen and nurses

Q5:You also have strong opinions about process improvement topics. What do you think is the best metric to measure a process?

Ans: Patient outcomes

Q6: Workplace environment plays an important role in keeping people productive and motivated. Workstation setting is also a part. How does your workstation look like?

Ans: Very organized plenty of room ergonomics the quality of your team, the dedication and always putting the Patients First

Q7: You have worked as a Health Care Business Manager for a long time. In your opinion what are the most important factors in determining the success of a Health Care Business?

Ans: The quality of your team, as well as how they work together

Q8: Everyone have a different way to measure project success? What do you think is the most important factor for a project’s success?

Ans: The quality of your team and making sure everyone is like minded in trying to achieve the same goal.

Q9: How many awards you have acquired during your professional career?

Ans: I’ve acquired multiple Awards I am a lean Six Sigma Black Belt I was a fellow of the American College of Physicians I was Statue Of The Year many years spy Castle & Connolly and I also won many teaching Awards including professor of the year

Q10: Is there anything in life that wanted to achieve but you have not achieved yet? What are your future plans?

Ans: I would like to run a startup and be the CEO make a difference in healthcare and help improve the quality of life of many patients that do not have means.

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